How To Configure Agent Pod Resources Using the Helm Chart

Hello! I am setting up a new Jenkins system in Kubernetes using the Helm chart. I am using the official docs from to do so and am having an issue providing my agent with enough memory.

Here’s how I’ve configured the agent section in the values.yaml file:

    enabled: true
    podName: "jenkins-agent-temp"
    namespace: testing
    tag: stable
    imagePullSecretName: dockerhub-secret
    runAsUser: pyuser
    alwaysPullImage: true
    connectTimeout: 500
    workingDir: /home/pyuser/agent
    command: "/opt/bin/"
    TTYEnabled: false
    idleMinutes: 20
    podRetention: "Never"
        cpu: 2000m
        memory: 6144Mi
        cpu: 1500m
        memory: 4608Mi

Note: my-image-with-everything includes a jenkins agent, python, our testing libraries, Selenium standalone and Chrome so we can run UI tests.

(Almost) Everything works great. When I launch a job, it creates a pod and a container that runs that custom image. It’s able to use all of the software installed. However, the resource limits aren’t reflected. When I look at the running pod I only see 512 MB of RAM allocated.

How should I be configuring the resource limits? Should I create a new Podtemplate and then add my container there and set disableDefaultAgent = true?

Good news! I was able to solve the problem by simply restarting the controller and killing all of the agents that were running at the time. I guess the issue was that I had made a lot of big changes to the helm chart and not restarted the controller in a while.