Kubernetes plugin for Jenkins: how to limit the container resources

Hi, just read through the description page of Kubernetes plugin for Jenkins. I realize there is not comments for the Resources for the container. Is it supported but not listed in the documents? How do you guys manage it?

Container template

Container templates are part of pod. They can be configured via the user interface or in a pipeline and allow you to set the following fields:

  • name The name of the container.
  • image The image of the container.
  • envVars Environment variables that are applied to the container (supplementing and overriding env vars that are set on pod level).
    • envVar An environment variable whose value is defined inline.
    • secretEnvVar An environment variable whose value is derived from a Kubernetes secret.
  • command The command the container will execute. Will overwrite the Docker entrypoint. A typical value is sleep.
  • args The arguments passed to the command. A typical value is 99999999.
  • ttyEnabled Flag to mark that tty should be enabled.
  • livenessProbe Parameters to be added to a exec liveness probe in the container (does not support httpGet liveness probes)
  • ports Expose ports on the container.
  • alwaysPullImage The container will pull the image upon starting.
  • runAsUser The user ID to run the container as.
  • runAsGroup The group ID to run the container as.

anyone could help please :slight_smile: :slight_smile: