How do i upgrade java 8 to Java 11 for Jenkins on Windows machine

How do i upgrade java8 to java 11 for Jenkins on Windows machine.
I see many solutions mentioning to update in the Jenkins.XML file but i do not see that XML file in my Jenkins folder.

Can any one provide me a right solution?

If you used the installer to install Jenkins on your Windows system (I am assuming you are talking about a controller instance running on Windows), the file should be in C:\Program Files\Jenkins and is called jenkins.xml. Inside that file will be a JAVA_HOME environment variable setting, you need to update that setting, save the file and restart the Jenkins service.

Thank you for the information, suppose if it was installed with .war file would be still find the Jenkins.xml file. If no how could i change java version of Jenkins apart from updating the env variables.

It would depend on how you set it up. Did you create your own service setup?

Yeah the service is setup through the Task Scheduler. Also we have done through war file in Windows machine.
I do not see see jenkins.xml file
How should i update the java version for Jenkins in that cases?

Ok, then in the Task Scheduler you most likely have a command line that is run to start Jenkins. You would need to change the java.exe path in that command to the new version of Java.