How can we monitor the Jenkins load?

  1. I want to know how much time does the jenkins Jobs are running ?
    Ex : Jenkins jobs are running 18hours yesterday / 50 hours last week
  2. What is the waiting time of the overall jobs ?

Kindly let me know if you know any plugin or any internal feature of Jenkins which can satisfy my requirements. Thanks in advance.

Hello and welcome to this community @Raviteza :wave:

The only plugin I know (but I’m sure there are other ones) is the Metrics plugin.

Hello @poddingue, Thank you for the suggestion.
Actually this plugin i have tried earlier, of course your youtube link gave more information. Anyhow my requirement won’t satisfy with this plugin.

  • Actually i want to know how much time does the jobs are running in jenkins(Ex : 60hrs in 5 days or 1 week)
    i even tried the Java_melody Monitoring plugin and it looks like below image, still this is not having info that i want