HELP! Only the Jenkins agent running on Mac OS is slow

This issue started a week ago. The Android build agents running on Windows are fine, but the iOS build agents on Mac are experiencing long delays when executing shell scripts. This is happening on All(two) Mac OS machines, and even on a newly installed Jenkins on my development computer with a separately connected Mac agent. Furthermore, it takes several seconds to even receive one file with svn update, leading to svn errors, and the xcodebuild and export ipa scripts are more than ten times slower. When I enter commands directly on the local machine, it finishes quickly. Has anyone else experienced something similar? Please help~

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Hello @gametoon and welcome to this community. :wave:

What are the versions of Jenkins and JDK you’re using?

Here are a few steps you could take to troubleshoot this issue:

  1. Check the system resources on the macOS machines: Ensure that the machines have enough CPU, memory, and disk space. High utilization of these resources can slow down the execution of scripts.
  2. Check the network connection: Network latency or instability can cause delays in executing scripts, especially when they involve operations like svn update that rely on the network. You can use tools like ping, traceroute, or mtr to check the network latency to your SVN server.
  3. Check the Jenkins setup: Ensure that the Jenkins setup on the macOS machines is correct and optimized. This includes checking the Jenkins system configuration, the build job configuration, and the agent configuration.
  4. Check the scripts themselves: If certain scripts are consistently slow, there might be room for optimization within the scripts themselves.
  5. Check for any recent changes: If this issue started occurring recently, try to recall any changes made to the system or network configuration, Jenkins setup, or the scripts around the time the issue started.
  6. Check the Jenkins logs: The Jenkins logs can provide useful information about what’s happening when the scripts are executed. Look for any error messages or warnings that might indicate what’s causing the delay.
  7. Upgrade Jenkins and plugins: If you’re running an older version of Jenkins or any of its plugins, upgrading to the latest version might help resolve the issue.

Remember, it’s important to isolate the problem first. Try to narrow down whether it’s a system issue (related to resources or network), a Jenkins issue, or a script issue. Once you’ve identified the root cause, you can take appropriate action to resolve it.
My $0.02.

Version of working jenkins is 2.332.1 for the project.
Everything was okay till 13, december.

Version of the jenkins is 2.426.2 for the test on my dev computer.
I installed new jenkins with nothing special, script has nothing but simple svn update to test. It has same problem.


I turned on the iOS Build Agent this morning and ran it, and the problem disappeared. I didn’t do anything except turn off the build agent for 20 days, but the problem was solved.

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That’s strange.
Anyway, thanks for your feedback, I’m happy your problem got solved.

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