[GSoC2023 Project idea] Displaying of Plugin Health Scores

In the GSoC of 2022, @alecharp and @dheerajodha developed the starting foundation of what we are calling Plugin Health Scores. This project measures plugins with various probes across various areas and computes a composite score for each plugin.

One important piece that we think would be a great project for GSoC 2023, is the display of those scores on plugins.jenkins.io and the details for each individual plugin.

Here is a wire frame of the basic idea of displaying the composite scores:

Here is a wire frame of the basic idea of displaying the details of the scores for each plugin:

Expected Outcomes:
Plugin Health Scores displayed for each plugin on plugins.jenkins.io
Filtering based on scores plugins.jenkins.io
Plugin Health Score Tab with the details to the score for each plugin. Kubernetes


I would also love to be a mentor on this project.

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Sounds like an interesting and well structured project idea. Thank you for proposing this, @jakeleon :+1:

I will add it to the project idea list.

/- Jmm

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I would love to be a mentor on this project as well.


Hi, I am interested in this idea ~

I’m not sure if I should start a new topic to introduce myself, or just post a comment here, so I’ll comment here first.

I’m a SDE from China. You can call my Gong. It’s my second year working. I have confirmed GSoC is accepting applications from people who are already working. Recently I want to contribute some of my time to the open source world. I have read through the 2023 GSoC guide and the listed projects of Jenkins. This project idea seems interesting to me. The convenience of continuous integration aroused my curiosity and lead me to Jenkins. I use Java and Python as my main working language. This idea also requires some front-end and data analysis knowledge, which is a challenge for me.

I will try to fix some listed beginer-friendly issues in the repo to improve my understanding of the plugin health score system and start drafting my proposal now.

Any advice will be appreciated :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey there Gong! Nice to meet you :slight_smile:

Thank you for your interest in this project!

Here are some useful links if you dont have them already:


Sir, thank you for the documentation. I have read them. I am currently trying to understand the health scoring system and looking for some easy-to-start issues.

Hello I would love to work on this project idea but i am just a beginner so please give me some directions.

Hi everyone, My name is Tabitha Mutiso, am a recent DevOps Engineer graduate from Moringa school, Excited to contribute to the { Add probes to “Plugin Health Score”} project. Am currently going through the documentation and hopefully drafting a proposal. As a Jenkins user, the addition of such a feature would be a lifesaver to many developers, Already intrigued!

Hello everyone, it’s my pleasure to introduce myself. I am a third-year Computer Science Engineering student and an aspiring DevOps engineer who has a strong passion for technology and a desire to excel in this field. From being frustrated with Jenkins to start loving it has been quite a journey. This issue really excites me. Hoping to give my best!

Hello @Divv, @Tabbie254 and @Rutam_Risaldar

Thanks for your interest!

To get replies to your questions (if any) regarding this project (“Displaying of Plugin Health Scores”) and the “Add probes to Plugin Health Score” project, I would highly recommend you to join the Gitter channel of these project ideas here: https://gitter.im/jenkinsci/GSoC-Plugin_Health_Score

Also, for any general questions regarding the GSoC program, we are having discussions here: https://gitter.im/jenkinsci/gsoc-sig

Hi Dheera Jodha, am good with UI/UX and enjoy creating interactive features. is it ok if I majorly focus on the look and feel of the displayed plugins’ health score? i.e majorly draft a proposal on the front end part of the project. your advice will be a great guide

Tabitha Mutiso

Hi please find attached my Display Jenkins plugin project proposal.
you review will be highly appreciated.

(Attachment _GSOC2023_Mutiso_Displaying of Plugin Health Scores .docx is missing)

Hello Tabitha,

Thank you for providing the draft of your proposal. I fear that the method (docx attachement) does not work.

You should provide it as Google doc. It makes sharing and commenting much easier. Can you convert your document to a gdoc and provide us with the link (don’t forget to make “everyone with the link” commenter).

Don’t hesitate to ask here or on Gitter, if you need guidance for this.

/- Jmm

Hi Jean-Marc,
please find attached the gdoc link, with commenter permission.

/- Tabitha

I just saw your Gitter post (with the link to the Gdoc). :+1:


Thank you, Tabitha.

Please note that this project idea is being withdrawn. If you have prepared a proposal for this project idea, please consider preparing another one for one of the remaining project ideas still on offer. For details please see IMPORTANT NOTICE: Project Ideas withdrawal.

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