Governance Meeting - June 1, 2022


June 1, 2022


Participants: Basil, Gavin


  • News
    • 2.346.1 LTS
      • Release of 2.346.1 has been delayed by a few weeks to offer more time to address regressions and other issues (developer list)
      • Several more LTS candidates are available for backport, Jira query: resolution = Fixed AND labels = lts-candidate and labels not in (2.346.1-fixed)
        • Alexander Brandes using the additional time to start a secondary backporting process to integrate the new LTS candidates
      • Changelog and upgrade guide being updated to describe SVG icon migration
        • Many thanks to Kevin Martens for leading this effort
    • Weekly
      • Improvements to Docker images, need changelog entries
        • Removing unused packages
        • Adding additional Debian and Alpine based Docker images
        • Code cleanups
      • Multiple UI regression fixes in flight
        • Thanks to all contributors who have developed, reviewed, or tested regression fixes
      • Ant class loader disabled by default
        • Finishes a months-long effort begun in 2021 to pay down technical debt
      • Guice update stalled (non-trivial test failures)
        • Needs volunteer to investigate and get us over this flag day
          • Figuring out the context from the really code without a lot of help
          • Running PR builds (either locally or PR tester)
        • Do not want to fall behind as we did with Guava
    • Infra had a couple outages last week
  • Projects
  • She Code Africa Contributhon
    • Completed, see reports on
      • Gavin to add links for
    • Needs a blog post by Mark Waite
  • Google Summer of Code
    • Projects selected
      • Plugin Health Scoring System (Dheeraj Singh Jodha)
      • Jenkinsfile Runner Action for GitHub Actions (Yiming Gong)
      • Automatic git cache maintenance on the controller (Hrushikesh Rao)
      • Pipeline Step Documentation Generator Improvements (Vihaan Thora)
  • Forums and community topics