Governance Meeting, July 10, 2023


Jul 10, 2023

Participants: Mark Waite, Alexander Brandes, Basil Crow, Kevin Martens, Daniel Beck. Oleg Nenashev


  • News
    • Releases
      • Jenkins 2.401.2 released Wednesday June 28, 2023
      • Next LTS baseline to be selected by Wednesday July 12, 2023
      • Jenkins 2.401.3 releases Wednesday July 26, 2023 - Kris Stern release lead
    • Infrastructure
      • Upgrade from Jira 8 to Jira 9 is complete
    • CDF Technical Oversight Committee now includes Mark Waite
  • Action Items
    • Mark Waite archive the governance meeting notes to a GitHub repository, use the Google doc as the working document, then publish final notes (done)
    • Mark Waite retrospective on signing certificate renewal process and its improvements
      • Code signing certificate update for MSI and WAR files
      • PGP signing key update for RPM and DEB files
        • Debian key packaging improvements (some other projects use that technique now)
      • Notification and process improvements
        • Reimbursement improvements
      • Details being gathered in the retrospective document
    • Mark Waite submit pull request to combine subprojects and SIGs into a single concept - “working groups”
      • More pull requests needed
    • Retire the Chinese Jenkins site
      • Chinese site link removed from header
      • Kevin Martens (Docs Officer) tracking help desk ticket to replace the Chinese pages with redirects to the English pages
      • Related to upgrading HTMLUnit and modernizing plugins: Basil deprecated the translation assistance plugin (years out of date)
        • Servers providing that facility are shutdown (long ago)
          • Could still use the plugin locally to submit to the local Jenkins instance, but can’t contribute back to the plugin
        • What’s the status of our translation?
          • Crowdin is available for plugins, documented
            • Only used by 12 plugins
            • Integrated with GitHub
            • Provides a translation memory that helps with translation consistency
          • Crowdin is not available for Jenkins core and not as easy as the translation plugin
          • Much more polish to be added
        • Properties files are now UTF-8 (no longer ISO 8859-1)
  • Community activity