Governance Meeting, April 17, 2023


April 17, 2023

Participants: Mark Waite, Ullrich Hafner, Daniel Beck


  • News
    • Jenkins 2.387.2 released
    • Prototype.js removal has started
    • More than 50 Google Summer of Code proposals received - 3x more than last year
    • cdCon happening May 8-9, 2023 in Vancouver, Canada
      • Jenkins Awards will be announced there
  • Action Items
    • EasyCLA to be documented by Oleg
      • No progress, no requests pending, pick it up if there are CLA submissions
    • Mark Waite submit pull request to combine subprojects and SIGs into a single concept - “working groups”
    • Retire the Chinese Jenkins site
      • Chinese site link removed from header
      • Rick recommends that we redirect the chinese pages to English equivalents
      • Kevin Martens (Docs Officer) tracking help desk ticket to replace the Chinese pages with redirects to the English pages
    • Mark Waite archive the governance meeting notes to a GitHub repository, use the Google doc as the working document, then publish final notes
      • Gavin has prepared the archive, need a destination repository
      • See the infra help desk ticket tracking the discussion
      • Infra team raised about the repository location as a question
      • Oleg prefers jenkinsci rather than jenkins-infra for a governance repository (this is not about the archive repository!)
        • Mark check the infra team preference, discuss if not jenkinsci
        • Accept that we’ll place them in jenkins-infra as recommended in the help desk ticket
    • Mark Waite schedule retrospective on signing certificate renewal process and its improvements
      • Code signing certificate for MSI and WAR files
      • PGP signing key for RPM and DEB files
    • Mark Waite complete the reimbursement process for code signing certificate
  • Budget and expenses
    • Mark Waite spent $1536.00 USD for the Digicert code signing certificate and wants to be reimbursed
      • Receipt is in the board mailing list along with a request for board approval of the reimbursement
      • Current account balance is $10337, enough funds to cover the $1536 expense
        • Ulli approves the expense (also in the mailing list)
      • How to request reimbursement?
      • Mark sent request to Fatih Digermenci of CDF and accounts payable at Linux Foundation for more guidance
    • Wadeck Follonier has been approved for $52.99 expense but not yet reimbursed
  • CDF topics
    • LFX insights working group met earlier today to discuss LFX metrics used by the Jenkins project