GitLab plugin on archlinux

Hi everyone !
I am on archlinux, I installed jenkins, and i am trying to install the GitLab plugin.

The problem is that it does not appear in my jenkins plugin’s list, and i do not find which package contain this command : jenkins-plugin-cli

In hope that somebody can help me :slight_smile:

Is there a failure message reported in the user interface?

Is there a failure message reported in the log file?

Which installation method did you use to install? Did you use the instructions at Jenkins - ArchWiki or the instructions at WAR files or some other process?

What Jenkins version are you running?

What steps have you attempted to resolve the issue and what results have you seen from those attempts?

Please explain further why you believe you need the script. That is a shell script wrapper around the Jenkins plugin installation manager tool. If that script helps you, you’re welcome to create a local script. You’ll need to download the plugin-installation-manager tool and place it in the correct location for that script’s expectations.

Thank you very much for your answer @MarkEWaite
Yes i followed instrucions from archwiki.

Finaly i created my own package of jenkins-lts and now i have access to all plugins

I did a merge request to the aur repository… waitting for the owner accepte it