Git push (Windows server)

I’m new to Jenkins and have a Windows install. I’m stuck trying to push tags to github.
I have the gitPush plugin installed, but can’t figure out the pipeline syntax for it.
Is this the right thing to be using or is there a better approach?

There is a better approach for Pipeline. The git plugin provides a withCredentials wrapper that will allow you to run command line git to perform the push. Read more about it in the git plugin documentation.

The example in the documentation shows a Windows example of git push:

withCredentials([gitUsernamePassword(credentialsId: 'my-credentials-id',
                 gitToolName: 'git-tool')]) {
  powershell 'git push'

That example assumes an https URL for the remote git repository. If you’re using an ssh URL for the remote git repository, then you can use the ssh-agent plugin to provide a plugin wrapper that will allow the same type of syntax.

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Thanks for your help Mark

I have an ssh URL so have set up the script to use ssh-agent.
After changing the path to use the git ssh-agent and a reboot, everything is working.