Setting up Windows Jenkins

Hi, I installed latest Jenkins in my win10 laptop and trying to setup remote ssh /telnet connection to other devices to run few tests.
I have installed git bash and update windows PATH variables.
shell executable : C:\Program Files\Git\bin\sh.exe
I created a subdirectory in jenkins install folder C:\ProgramData\Jenkins.jenkins and copied few script files which does the required test job.
pipeline {
agent any
stages {
stage(‘Test’) {
steps {
sh ./scripts/

above pipeline gave error :
WorkflowScript: 7: Method calls on objects not allowed outside “script” blocks. @ line 7, column 17.
sh ./scripts/

1 error

I am not sure if something missing here. does windows installation works with shell scripts? do I need to refer specific documentation of pipelines/installation to ensrue all the steps shall work as expected?
above script just tries to do SSH to specific IP and print date/time/ps status from the remote linux machine to start with.

  1. assuming it’s not a copy and paste issue, you need to quote your string. So sh './scripts/'
  2. pretty sure she won’t work on windows agents, you’ll need bat or poweshell