Funny version numbers for "Pipeline: Groovy" and "Pipeline: Shared Groovy Libraries"

“Pipeline: Groovy” and “Pipeline: Shared Groovy Libraries” show funnily looking version numbers.
E.g. " Pipeline: Shared Groovy Libraries":

  • “v2.21 5 months ago”
  • “545.v7b28cce323cf 4 days ago”
  • “544.vff04fa68714d” 4 days ago" (but the newer release)

Does someone know, if this is done on purpose ?
What is the meaning of this ?
Why does it looks like the number is going backwards (545 → 544)
This looks very confusing to me.

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Many Jenkins plugins are making the intentional transition from developer build and upload of releases to automated build and upload of releases. The process is described in the Jenkins developer documentation. The Jenkins enhancement proposal 229 README describes the process in greater detail.

In order to assure that the version number can be set by the automated release process, it defaults to using a count (the count of commits for the release branch since the creation of the repository) followed by a checksum.

In the case of Pipeline: Shared Groovy Libraries plugin, the 544 release was performed one commit before the 545 release. The 545 release is correctly shown by the Jenkins update center mirror sites and by the Jenkins plugins site as the most recent release, but something seems to cause the plugins site to show 545 in the releases list after 544. The GitHub releases page shows 545 as the first item in the list, before 544. I suspect the plugins site will switch to the GitHub release order on its next update of content from the GitHub releases page.

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Got it - thanks for the explanation Mark !
Hopefully this 544 <=> 545 glitch doesn’t happen too often - this really confused me when seeing it.

I’m confident it won’t happen very often.

A mistake was detected in the 544 release that needed an immediate correction. That lead to the 545 release. I suspect that release drafter on GitHub may have encountered a race condition and chose to publish the changelog for the 545 release before the changelog for the 544 release. That’s just my wild guess, not anything I’ve investigated to prove what caused the unexpected ordering of releases on the releases page.

I filed [INFRA-3127] Incorrectly sorted releases - Jenkins Jira.

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