FStrigger folder 1.0.0

Hello all
I have created a Freestyle project in jenkins. on centos 7 in single mode (no distributed or agents )
I am trying to monitor a network/shared folder on lustre file system
I have added jenkins in /etc/sudoers and
I am using FSTrigger 1.0.0 to monitor the folder

I am getting the following error
Looking for a candidate node to run the poll.
Can’t find any eligible slave nodes.
Trying to poll on master node.

Polling on master.

Trying to monitor the folder ‘/lustre01/software/source/R’
[ERROR] - Polling error…
[ERROR] - Error message: IO error scanning directory ‘/lustre01/software/source/R’

IS it due to the fact /lustre01 is network/shared filesystem?

Hello @amjaduea ,

Is there any particular reason for not having any agent?
Which version of Jenkins are you running? How did it get installed? The terms slave and master should have disappeared from the logs a long time ago
Which version of Java are you running?