Making /var/lib/jenkins/jobs nfs mount

We have jenkins running Centos 7 (without GUI) and we are trying to move our /var/lib/jenkins/jobs to an nfs share.
We’ve made the nfs share and mounted it like this in fstab:
server_name:/server_nfs_path/jenkins/jobs nfs rw,hard,intr,nosuid,rsize=8192,wsize=8192,timeo=14 0 0
So this is what we did to do this:

  1. Stop jenkins service
  2. Rename /var/lib/jenkins/jobs to /var/lib/jenkins/jobs_old
  3. Mount the drive
  4. Copy the contents from /var/lib/jenkins/jobs_old to /var/lib/jenkins/jobs
  5. Adjust the permissions so that they are the same as well (chown and chmod)
  6. Start jenkins service

Jenkins runs but things dont work quite right (e.g. triggering builds doent actually do anything) but logs and existing configs are picked up correctly.
Are we missing a step or is there a config that is missing?

hi @rotorstudios, welcome.

Hopefully others know more, but this seems like a pretty common setup. Did anything else change maybe plugin versions or jenkins versions?

Does your system logs (logs directory or in /manage) show anything?

We are using an old version of jenkins 2.236 ; nothing has changed and there are alot of plugins installed but nothing has changed recently.
In regards to system logs, where would we find these?

via url, goto /log/all (/manage then System Log)

yeah, the logs indicated a bunch of permission issues.