Folder containing jenkins is locked

so im in the phase where i need to unlock jenkins after i succeeded (after 2 days) installing it. it requires the first random password which inside the folder Jenkins - and inside the Jenkins.err

but the thing is : i cant open Jenkins folder, first i tried using the regular file explorer nothing happened upon clicking so i went to my ubuntu shell (which i installed for windows) and tried to sudo cd into it. it required a root password (which i assumed is my regular login password when booting my pc) and it said wrong password. i also tried leaving the password blank but still wrong password.

what could be the problem and how can i unlock that folder

(i also tried to chmod 777 it ) - couldnt succeed im attaching a photo so u can see (and yes i know i can shorten my commands and copy the whole path but leave it aside :slight_smile:

*note - there is only 1 user in my computer and its my user. i tried to login as administrator as well

i will appreciate any help, thanks

these are the commands i used :