Failed to start LSB: Jenkins Automation Server when upgraded the Jenkins EC2 instance to Linux 2

We have upgraded our Jenkins EC2 instance to Linux 2 and now we are seeing below error when performing any action on Jenkins and " 502 Bad Gateway" on UI. The UI will be up once restarted but still same if any action is performed on Jenkins UI.

Can someone suggest on this issue as we are unable to use the Jenkins service.

---------service jenkins status
● jenkins.service - LSB: Jenkins Automation Server

At first observed below error from jenkins.log and once installed Cucumber plugin from UI observed warning

--------------------------------After installing Cucumber Plugin:
WARNING hudson.FilePath#_getChannelForSerialization: A FilePath object is being serialized when it should not be, indicating a bug in a plugin. See for details.

Hello @AkhilaE and welcome to this community. :wave:

What is the version of Jenkins you’re running? On top of which JDK?


@poddingue we are using 2.303.3 Jenkins version and jdk version “1.8.0_382”

Ouch, that’s a very old couple. :blush:
Do you think you could upgrade to a more recent version of Jenkins with JDK11?