Exporting Jenkins logs to ElasticSearch

Anyone with experience on how to export the Jenkins logs (not build logs) when running instances inside containers on a kubernetes cluster?
We have an EKS hosting our Jenkins instances, and I would love for the Jenkins logs to end up in Amazon ElasticSearch.
Is the easiest approach to have filebeat run as a sidecar, configured to read the Jenkins log-file?

Is there not a plugin specifically for that? I’ve never used it but swear I’ve seen it

I have seen plugins that export build-job data, however I’m interested in exporting the log-file that Jenkins itself produces output in.

I will of course plow through https://plugins.jenkins.io to see if I missed one

I found this plugin: Syslog logger
It sends Jenkins data in syslog format. I know that Logstash is able to receive syslog-formatted data, via this plugin: Syslog input plugin | Logstash Reference [8.7] | Elastic
So I guess it could solve my problem without a filebeat sidecar.

It’s worth investigating anyway.

hi, did you tried plugin Audit Trail

I did not know of its existence. I’ll have to take a close look at this plugin. Thanks for the heads up.