Example of a shared library


could anyone, please, provide me an example of a simple shared library?



I actually just posted one to the show off category a couple days ago. I am really happy with my version, and Damien’s upgrade is pretty powerful.


As for an example of using it. https://github.com/halkeye-docker/docker-jenkins/blob/68a143fb88898aa177f2f630404f0503c9dcb421/Jenkinsfile

Thanks very much, both for the library itself, and the usage example.

@Gonnagle you can also find some on the jenkins-infra/pipeline-library

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If you plan to add unit tests you can check our pipeline library GitHub - elastic/apm-pipeline-library: Jenkins pipeline shared library for the APM project

Oh very interesting. There’s also GitHub - jenkinsci/JenkinsPipelineUnit: Framework for unit testing Jenkins pipelines

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yep, this is the framework we use