Error with using jenkins plugin kubernetesDeploy: not found

I have created a pipeline with GitHub webhook. It clones the file from git, and kubernetesDeploy plugin has to deploy the file on the k8 cluster.
It shows an error with kubernetesDeploy: not found
the file exists on /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/be (be is the job name)
Screenshot 2022-12-12 at 16.46.22

why do you think that pipeline keyword exists? Have you used the syntax generator on your sidebar?

Hello, Thanks for your response, I have created the command content based on the syntax generator, it works standalone but now I am using the same command with GitHub webhook and now I am facing this issue.

oh I see you have #!/bin/sh shebang.
Are you trying to do this in a shell step in a freestyle job?
Pipeline commands are only available in pipeline jobs.

I have tried both situations, and I have no preference between these two methods.

That won’t work at all in freestyle. Can you post your pipeline and what isn’t working about it? its hard to debug “it didn’t work”