Error on setting up website locally

I am new to Jenkins and am trying to set the website locally. I am getting this error on the
mvn -pl war jetty:run -Dskip.yarn command.

Any idea about this error and how can it be solved?

Then after running yarn start, I am getting this error.

So based on your other thread I assumed you wanted to work on

Are you trying to work on Jenkins itself?

Why are you skipping yarn?

This and the next screenshot are saying you are missing the npm modules. Probably from skipping the yarn step

yes I want to work on
In the contributing file in the repository, mvn -pl war jetty:run -Dskip.yarn command is mentioned to build frontend assets.

Also i tried the command without -Dskip.yarn but got the same error.

Well your code is Jenkins, not, doesn’t have any java or Maven

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Ooh ok. It wasn’t mentioned anywhere so i confused it to be for the web as many projects have the website code in their main repo. Thanks for letting me know the correct repo!!