Error: no workspace when using Docker plugin

Jenkins setup:

Jenkins version: 2.452.1, Docker plugin version: 1.6.1
Hello, everyone, we have some jobs that uses Docker cloud as our agent, so while job is running, we can see the Workspace, but when it ends, nothing here, so I guess it’s trying to access docker container for that (which is cleaned up after job). It was not the case before, we could see it and I have no idea why would it happen if nothing was changed. In plugin we bind our local workspace from JENKINS_HOME to the docker container and we didn’t change workspaceDir in config.xml, so it should still show workspace from our local disk, not Docker container. And yes, workspace folder and files exists in the JENKINS_HOME, just UI can’t find it? Idk

Full error page:

Error: no workspace

There’s no workspace for this project. Possible reasons are:

  1. The project was renamed recently and no build was done under the new name.
  2. The agent this project has run on for the last time was removed.
  3. The workspace directory (null) is removed outside Jenkins.
  4. The workspace was wiped out and no build has been done since then.

Run a build to have Jenkins create a workspace.