Does anybody find the build history timeline useful?

I’m not personally a fan of it, I’m not too sure how much value it gives to the end user. It doesn’t scale particularly well nor does it support theming.

I’d be in support of removing it, any thoughts?

I don’t use it either.

But since the content is shown on a separate page it does not hurt if we continue to deliver it. Or is there something in it that blocks progress on the rest? You never know who is using these kind of things …

I think aggregating the build history status of a job in a chart or timeline isn’t a bad idea per design, however the current implementation isn’t of use for me.

Navigating the timeline is a nightmare. The predefined dates and hours make it weird to use for cron jobs running every 7/14/etc. days.

Not to forget that smile-widgets is effectively dead for more than a decade.

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I don’t need the timeline on the build history page, but the table of builds below the timeline has been useful for finding and replaying builds that failed because an agent did not have enough disk space.

FTR I proposed that in [JENKINS-60866][JENKINS-71797] Remove timeline widget by daniel-beck · Pull Request #6869 · jenkinsci/jenkins · GitHub if someone wants to give it a try to see how it feels.

I also filed [JENKINS-60866][JENKINS-71797] Replace timeline widget with a maintained one by daniel-beck · Pull Request #8431 · jenkinsci/jenkins · GitHub due to lack of responses in the above PR (in case that was lack of agreement) but have no preference either way. Just the current widget needs to go due to CSP issues.

I hadn’t seen your PR Daniel (probably because it’s draft and no reviews requested, taking a look now)

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