Documentation office hours - October 5, 2023


2023-10-05 (EU/US)



  • Blog posts
    • Pending for Prototype JS removal
    • Pending for Java and Jenkins
  • Hacktoberfest 2023
    • Jean-Marc shared some details
      • 55 pull requests, 36 already merged
      • 16 contributors for those merged pull requests
  • Jenkins governance board & officer elections 2023
  • Failing CI builds
    • Non-fatal failure in updatecli and label conflicting pull requests due to GitHub API rate limit
  • Google Summer of Code
    • Docker compose for easier and safer tutorials
      • Still work to be done to include it in the documentation
      • Working on step 1 to use the GitHub container registry to store the container definition
        • Use it as a development location
        • Testing it daily to assure it is working
        • Updated regularly to install plugin updates
      • Progressing slowly, but progressing
      • Updated some container images, those that don’t have automated updates
    • Versioned documentation for
      • Kris Stern has started the conversations with the infra team to decide on details
      • Will be discussed further in Docs Office Hours (Asia)
        • Moved office hours 30 minutes earlier so Kris can attend
  • Adding existing requirements/support policy documentation to System Administration section (new chapter/sections)
  • How to describe the process of choosing a plugin bill of materials version
    • Needs more work, no progress yet
    • The “improve a plugin tutorial” instructions has the updates to choose a plugin bill of materials version
  • September Newsletter
    • Content needed from Mark Waite