Documentation office hours - April 12, 2024


2024-04-12 (Asia)


  • Mark Waite
  • Meg McRoberts
  • Kris Stern


  • LTS 2.440.3 to be released on Apr 17, 2024
    • Kris Stern is the release lead - resolved issues in the release candidate, no negative feedback
      • Working well for Mark Waite
    • Will release the LTS next Wednesday as usual
      • Container image upload for the last several weeks has been disrupted by an HTTP 529
        • Damien has worked with Docker Inc, ultimately split to use multiple IP addresses for upload
        • Check the weekly build Tuesday to see if uploads without issue
        • Run the container build again, containers upload as expected
    • Pull request for changelog & upgrade guide has merged
    • Release candidate build available for testing - working great for Mark Waite
    • GitHub release note has the correct link
  • Weekly 2.453 built and delivered successfully
    • Changelog was updated
  • Next LTS baseline is 2.452 (Discussion in developer mailing list)
    • 2.452.1 needs a release lead, release checklist
    • Planned, but not yet completed
  • New blog post from Kris Stern regarding GSoC application period conclusion
    • April 19 is the completion of grading, proposals are sent Google
    • Google announces their selections May 1, 2024
    • Blog post is out for the closing of applications
    • Now in the grading period, preparing our submission to Google
      • 75+ submissions to grade, great to see so much activity
    • Alyssa returns from time off just in time to submit to Google
  • Versioned docs project
    • Progress continues thanks to Vandit Singh and Kris Stern
    • Working on the Gatsby site, waiting for news from the infra team on the final site
    • Gatsby site is in progress, slowed because the versioned docs site is not yet hosted
      • Infra team needs to provide the hosting location
      • Proposed URL was for the versioned documentation
      • Security advisories still need attention on the Gatsby site
  • Contributor spotlight
  • Technical review/validation for pull requests
    • Reaching out to community for volunteers to assist with technical validation of pull requests
    • Let’s add those people to the copy editors group so they can review and he can @mention them.
      • Kris Stern, Mark Waite, Meg McRoberts, Bruno Verachten, and Kevin Martens
      • Have already tried tagging asking for review, worked very well and thanks to Kris for continued review and support.
      • Plugin development topics go to specific people after Kevin has reviewed
  • Documenting Pipeline libraries with markdown or plain text or HTML
  • cdCon 2024 is next week in Seattle
    • CDF and Jenkins awards will be announced