Documentation office hours - April 05, 2024


2024-04-05 (Asia)


  • Mark Waite
  • Meg McRoberts
  • Kris Stern


  • LTS 2.440.3 to be released on Apr 17, 2024
  • Weekly 2.452 built and delivered successfully - proposed as the next LTS baseline
  • New blog post from Kris Stern regarding GSoC application period conclusion
    • Kevin to review, Bruno & Jean-Marc have already reviewed/provided feedback
    • Merged, needs a fix in the title
  • Contributor spotlight
    • Hervé Le Meur will be featured next
    • Received review from Bruno & Kris
    • Mark Waite will be next after Hervé
  • Google Summer of Code
    • Review process has closed, moving into the application receipt phase
    • Blog post is out for the closing of applications
    • Now in the grading period, preparing our submission to Google
    • Alyssa returns from time off just in time to submit to Google
  • Versioned docs project
    • Progress continues thanks to Vandit Singh and Kris Stern
    • Working on the Gatsby site, waiting for new from the infra team on the final site
      • Infra team is still loaded with keeping costs under control
      • $60000 donation from AWS, need to change infra to use it
      • Mark needs to submit the donation application for 2025 AWS donation
        • Donation recipients will be decided in June 2024
  • Docker compose update - tutorials and Docker install instructions
    • Recent fix introduced in Docker Compose v 2.24.7 has rendered our existing docker-compose.yaml invalid.
    • Bruno has created PRs to fix the issue once they are okay to merge and will need review prior when they are ready for it.
      • Instead of “docker compose up -d maven”, it will be “docker compose up -d –profile maven”
    • GSoC 2023 project that is helping Jenkins users now
  • Technical review/validation for pull requests
    • Reaching out to community for volunteers to assist with technical validation of pull requests
    • Let’s add those people to the copy editors group so they can review and he can @mention them
      • Kris Stern, Mark Waite, Meg McRoberts, Bruno Verachten, and Kevin Martens
  • Documenting Pipeline libraries with markdown or plain text or HTML
  • Additional permissions for the wiki-docs repository
    • Mark Waite learned that docs team didn’t have permissions on the wiki archive repository
      • Permissions also granted to copy editors
    • Fixed by Tim Jacomb and infra team
    • Don’t really make changes to that repo
    • In this case, we had a plugin that had documentation in the wiki, but needed to mark the plugin as deprecated.
    • By editing the files in the wiki archive