Docker jenkins ssh-agent "not running inside container" in Ubuntu 22.04

Now that Ubuntu 22.04 is released I did a clean install on one of our jenkins-workers to test it but I can’t get the docker ssh-agent to work properly. It can no longer identify that it’s running inside a container, so whenever a job is launching that uses docker I can see in the console “Jenkins-worker-X does not seem to be running inside a container”, followed by the pipeline failing.

I know from before that jenkins uses cgroup information to detect whether it’s running in a container, so e.g. executing cat /proc/self/cgroup in a container should result in a list of lines ending with /docker/<container-id>, which is then used by Jenkins to detect the container. However, once I installed Ubuntu 22.04 the cgroup information no longer contains the /docker/<container-id> which causes the jenkins agent to think it’s running on bare metal.

Even executing the official image has the same problem, i.e. docker run jenkins/ssh-agent:jdk11 followed by docker exec <container-id> cat /proc/self/cgroup ends up with a list without the container hashes on my machine.

How do I troubleshoot this? Has something changed from Ubuntu 21.10 to 22.04 that causes this problem? Is some extra configuration necessary?

Any help would be appreciated!

EDIT: I now realized that the same thing happens in 21.10 if you upgrade all packages to the latest version (and use the latest jenkins/ssh-agent image), so the cause might be in one of the upgraded packages.

It turned out that the problem was related to cgroup v2 being default in Ubuntu 22.04. It seems that when using v2 the cgroup namespace is private by default when you create a container, in my case the Jenkins agents, which caused the container id to not be available in /proc/self/cgroup .

The easy solution is to run the docker container with --cgroupns host as suggested in this SO question. When I did that Jenkins could once again detect the container it’s running inside.

An update was probably released for Ubuntu 21.10 switching to cgroup v2, just as I posted the question, since I could later reproduce the issue there as well.

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Recommend you file a bug in the plugin so others don’t have the same issue.