Iam running jenkins master as container im facing issue while setting up dynamic containers as agents

iam running jenkins as Docker container and i need to configure jenkins dynamic agents using docker containers in same machine (in my case jenkins master container and planned agents aslo should be running in Ubuntu instance)

What i did :slight_smile:
i ran jenkins container and one more for jenkins proxy container to communicate over tcp:
and installed docker plugin and configured docker cloud and check connection success!!
Now i created one template and given some label as well

But when i try to run sample job on dynamic agent
getting below error !!

ERROR: Unexpected error in launching an agent. This is probably a bug in Jenkins
Also: java.lang.Throwable: launched here

Hello @VinodhkumarVS and welcome to this community :wave:

What is the operating system you’ve installed Jenkins/docker on?
What is your version of Docker? What is the version of Jenkins you used?
Does the documentation example work for you?

If jenkins is a container you can create other child containers but you can’t pass files/folders from jenkins to the child containers which makes using docker pointless?