Direct 1:1 chats on Gitter

An important characteristic of working on Open Source is that we work in the open and that everything is shared. People that participate to GSoC will learn and experiment this way of communicating and working.

I receive several invites for private conversations on Gitter from would-be GSoC contributors.

I prefer to avoid these 1:1 conversations. Please ask your questions or make your points publicly: there is no stupid question, others will benefit for the question and the answer, and there are no secrets to hide.
I understand that required to communicate publicly is difficult, gives you the impression to be in danger, and looks weird. This is probably completely new to many but it is part of the GSoC teaching and the ways of OSS.

You can mention me directly in public messages (and remind me if you didn’t get the expected answer). But I will not get into private conversation. Thank you for your understanding.