Deprecate table icon size options in favour of a density option - feedback wanted


Wanted to get some thoughts on the topic, there’s been some discussions previously about the density of the updated user interface elements being too low - one size doesn’t fit all etc.

We have a solution for this at the moment with the icon size option for tables, what I want to propose is that we bundle this into a new view option - ‘Density’. So users that want higher density can change the density of all controls to be smaller/less padding, users that want less density can decrease the density. Jenkins components would adapt automatically to the density changes with CSS variables.

This would be a new option under the user’s settings menu.


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Makes sense to me, a number of people have asked for something like this.

A ‘compact’ view would be appreciated by some I think

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I support this as well! Thank you. I hope it works on free style build forms. Especially since for some of our data science jobs we have dozens of parameters to configure and the extra spacing makes them way too long. :slightly_smiling_face: