Copying artifact of a job that creates multiple builds and filter by tag

I’m using MultiJob plugin and have a job Main_job that triggers multiple builds. My requirement is to copy some artifact from the builds where tag = 2.

What would be the best approach to complete this task?
So in the copy artifact tab the setup would be something like this in my opinion :
Project name would be Main_job
ich build: specific build
Build Number = ? not really sure

This is how my project is structured:

 Main_job -->
       Main_job build #1 tag = 2
       Main_job build #2 tag = 2
       Main_job build #3 tag = 3
       ** copy artifcats of builds where tag = 2 **

I’ve never even heard of multijob plugin before tonight.

is this something specific to multijob? What does it do? Allow artifacts from other jobs to be copied into a different job’s workspace?

I feel like you are being held back by this plugin. Pipeline can trigger jobs or even run things in parallel inside of the same job, and you have much more control over what you name things (like artifacts) and where you put things (like artifacts) that you wouldn’t have to work around existing limitations.

That being said, since I’ve not heard of this plugin, I can’t offer helpful advice sorry, :crossed_fingers: someone else knows about it.