Convert MPLModule

I am trying to close this topic

If you are working on a Cloudbees offering, you would want to contact your support contact at Cloudbees to help out with that. This forum is specifically for Jenkins help and discussion.

I updated the question , which is not related to cloudBees , its related to jenkins scripts. Kind regards

FWIW, “Cloudbees Offering” boils down to just Jenkins with some additional plugins. However great those plugins are, it is still just Jenkins. There is no reason you would need to change your pipeline code unless you WANT to. Never heard of “MPL” - but we are using same exact concept with Cloudbees (we even called it close enough - “JPL”) - and it works just fine.

That said, you seem to be mixing declarative with scripted - and that part never worked for me. Though it is theoretically possible “MPL” supports that, it was always trouble for me.