Cobertura Plugin Issue with Jenkins 2.426.3

Current Jenkins Version: 2.426.3
We have remove all the deprecated plugins and figured out that code-coverage plugin is also deprecated , while removing Cobertura plugin is looking for its dependecy . So as per documentation of code-coverage-api plugin we have deployed Coverage plugin as replacement but still Cobertura plugin is looking for code-cover-api plugin as dependency. Please suggest

If I understood correctly, the issue you’re facing is due to the fact that the Cobertura plugin has a dependency on the deprecated code-coverage-api plugin.

Even though you’ve installed the Coverage plugin as a replacement, the Cobertura plugin still requires the deprecated plugin to function, as it has not been released for three years or so.

One solution to this issue would be to replace the Cobertura plugin with another code coverage plugin that doesn’t have a dependency on the deprecated plugin.
There are several other code coverage plugins available for Jenkins, such as JaCoCo, or Clover.

If you still want to use the Cobertura plugin, you might need to keep the deprecated code-coverage-api plugin installed. However, please note that using deprecated plugins can pose security risks and might cause issues in future Jenkins updates.

Another option would be to reach out to the maintainers of the Cobertura plugin by opening an issue and ask them to update the plugin to remove the dependency on the deprecated plugin.

You can also try to do it by yourself after opening the issue by opening a pull request.

Actually the coverage plugin is the replacement for all other coverage plugins. It contains parsers for all coverage formats. There is no need to install an additional parser-specific plugin. This is similar to the warnings plugin that replaces all other static analysis plugins.

So the best thing is to delete cobertura and coverage-api and use only the coverage plugin.

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