Changing jenkins port number to 443 in browser


I would like to migrate the jenkins jobs from old server to new server. Jenkins installation on the old server was not done by me. I’m wondering why we are using 443 (http://localhost:443/) in the browser. I checked Jenkins.xml file, but I see still this line (–httpPort=8080). Now when I install Jenkins on new server where should I configure this port number so that I can start in the browser with 443. Please help me in understanding. Thank you.



Do you have maybe also an nginx running in parallel that serves the 443 port and acts as a reverse proxy for your jenkins?

Hi, thanks for answering. I checked if nginx is installed on my machine.

$nginx -v
‘$nginx’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file

But it looks like its not installed. Please let me know how I can install Jenkins on port 443 instead of configuring it in Jenkins.xml file.

Read the documentation

thanks for the documentation.

Can I install the Jenkins on 8080 on the new server and restore the jobs from the old server? Is that possible or do I need to install only on 443 in order to make the jobs work?


Yes that is possible. The port has nothing to do with the job execution. Just make sure that the url configured in Jenkins is correct so that when you send out emails with links to jobs contain the correct url. That means that when you have a reverse proxy in front of Jenkins that you need to use this url. localhost is the wrong url (Jenkins will warn you when you use this).

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