Changed files types

Hi Community,

Can someone assist me here with below concern,

I have multiple files on my git repo. where SQL files, .pc files and files are involved.
I have a large base of repo where changed are mostly done on few files,
I have a concern here, how can I create my build only specific to my changed files instead of compiling and creating build for the entire code.

Secondly how can i create my build in specific user directory in AIX using a common AIX user login in jenkins.

Please assist regarding same as i am stuck with this phase since long.


Hello @sheshank and welcome to this community :wave:

My first question would be: how would you build locally only for the files that have changed? The problem does not look specific to Jenkins. :thinking: I think once you’ll have figured that out, it should be easy to implement that within a Jenkins pipeline.

My second question is: what kind of agent are you using on AIX? ssh or inbound?