Can't run python pytest allure auto-test

Jenkins setup:
Jenkins installed in Windows 10.
Service running as user jenkins_svc and it working fine. I have few working jobs.

Good day. I have a problem with running python auto-test as jenkins job. I have BAT-file

python -m pytest --alluredir=.\reports\reports_data -q .\tests\ui
allure generate .\reports\reports_data --clean

If I run this file as user jenkins_svc or windows schedule it’s working fine. But I can’t run it as jenkins job. I see processes in windows task manager, but nothing happening.
I create jenkins job. add build step “execute windows command” and put there path to bat-file with command above or put same command. But it is not working. The job was started but never end.

Thank you.

Is that the full contents of your bat file? Is there anything logged to the job log? Are you relying on mapped network drives for anything? What have you tried so far?