Cannot open global configuration after upgrade from 2.346 to 2.414.1

Sorry mark, any sugestion ? i upgrade jenkins version 2.346 to 2.414.1 from war file everything run as expected but only i cant open jenkins configure global setting. i try to delete config.xml but result is same i cant open jenkins configure global setting

I’ve moved this to a new topic, since it does not seem to be related to the closed topic where you posted it as a reply.

Please don’t direct general questions to specific individuals. It limits the number of people that might be willing to address your question and reduces your chances of receiving an answer.

I suspect you already made a serious mistake when you upgraded the war file. If you installed Jenkins with a package manager, you must upgrade it with the same package manager that was used to install it. If you are running a Debian based distribution, then you must upgrade with the apt family of commands. If you are running a Red Hat based distribution, then you must upgrade with the yum or dnf family of commands.

Jenkins 2.346.x runs with Java 8 and Java 11. Jenkins 2.414 runs with Java 11 and Java 17. If you try to run Jenkins 2.414 with Java 8, it will fail to run and will provide a message stating that Java 11 is required.

If that’s not the problem that you’re seeing, then you’ll need to provide a more detailed description of the problem that you are seeing so that others may be willing to help you. Messages from the Jenkins log will usually tell you what is happening and provide you with strings that can help you search for an answer.

I have jenkins.war runing on rhel 7 via systemctl, before upgrade i have already migrate java 8 via alternatives to java 11. After upgrade jenkins 2.414 everything run normal except i cant open jenkins configure global setting.

java.lang.AssertionError: class is missing its descriptor
at jenkins.model.Jenkins.getDescriptorOrDie(
at org.eclipse.jetty.servlet.FilterHolder.doFilter(
at org.eclipse.jetty.servlet.ServletHandler$Chain.doFilter(

Based on that limited description, I can’t duplicate the problem. I doubt anyone else can duplicate the problem. You’ll need to read the logs more carefully, searching for other hints that might tell you what is failing.

A stackoverflow article suggests that message is not fatal. There are likely other messages that are more useful but that you have not shared.

As an added caution, as of Nov 15, 2023 the Jenkins project no longer supports or tests Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 or any of its derivatives. Refer to the end of life operating systems blog post for more details. You should plan your upgrade from RHEL 7 to a supported operating system as soon as you can.

The systemd implementation on RHEL 7 is outdated enough that there were known issues when trying to use it with Jenkins, even before the end of life of RHEL 7.

ok thx anyway i will try dig from log btw if we do change on configuration system where jenkins put that save config ? config.xml ?

we found the culprit, this file /var/lib/jenkins/ is encrypt after upgrade, jenkins cant read it after we rename it into .bak then jenkins runs normal. fyi even this error not found on log