Cannot click "add" when integrating BitBucket Server and Jenkins

Hello, everybody :slight_smile:

I come to you today with a question/issue: we are running a Jenkins instance and a BitBucket instance which is already configured according to Bitbucket Server Integration

So my issue is with an specific project and its subfolder; some colleagues are not being able to initialize the integration because when they try to click on the configure>source code management “add” button to add credentials on the subfolder and start the integration, the button does not do anything.

They are admins of the project (I am global admin), I tried removing them, adding them again, granting the admin permissions over the main folder and over the child folder.

Nothing seems to work for them, but I do have the possibility to click on the “add” button.

Do you know if this integration is something I as global admin can do, or should they have the possibility to do it? Do you maybe know what could be causing this issue?


Hack - populate few values like ‘name’, ‘url’ etc. and then save it. Load the page. Now try adding the token again.