Can we upload the new tag(2.442)to mvnrepository?

Unfortunately, as far as I know, we don’t have any control of the frequency that the maintainers of that site use to update their records.

We’ve already released two versions of the plugin bill of materials that require newer versions of Jenkins core than they list. We will release another plugin bill of materials within the next day or two that requires an even newer version of Jenkins core. Jenkins core versions 2.440, 2.441, and 2.442 are actively being used as Maven dependencies, even though that site does not show them.

Many plugins have successfully updated to use those new releases of the plugin bill of materials. Several tools already depend on the most recent weekly release, Jenkins 2.442, including the plugin bill of materials, Pipeline steps doc generator, and Pipeline metadata utils. is a third party front end for various larger maven repositories (including Jenkins’ artifactory). It’s not a repository you can import artifacts from.
Therefore, the versions and artifacts listed are commonly considered irrelevant because developers work with the maven repository of the API directly.

As suggested by Mark, you want to import the BOM profile for the Jenkins weekly or LTS line you want to develop with.