Can we configure team alias email for Jenkins build notification?

I would like to configure our team alias email ID so that all the members of our team get the build notification.
Are there any special instructions we need to follow to configure the team alias? or we can use the same procedure that we do for email notification?

I’m going to assume yes. But I also have no idea what your asking.

Thanks for your response.

Well, if I configure the email ID as, it is working and I receive the build notification.
However, if I configure the email alias, for example,, this is not working.

So just wanted to know if there are any methods that I need to follow for email alias configuration.

that sounds like something in your email configuration, not something jenkins.

Often systems like google groups or exchange groups won’t allow emails going through external systems to goto a group. I would check your mail server settings. Jenkins just says “hey smtp server, email this address with this content” it doesn’t care what that address is.

Thanks, again. :slight_smile:
Let me check that.