Buildx in jenkins agent in k8s = 1.23?

I have upgraded my k8s cluster to 1.23 so I can no longer mount the docker.socket from the host node and run e.g. docker build .

I have looked at buildx:

since I need to still be able to build and push docker images as part of my jenkins pipelines.

Are there any good guides/examples on how to do this for jenkins running in k8s >= 1.23?

I am already using Jib for my java based apps but I need something similar for non-java based apps.

You probably need to switch to a k8s-native build system. I am using google’s kaniko for that.
See e.g. Jenkins on Kubernetes: Moving from Docker-in-Docker to Kaniko | by Simon Head | FAUN Publication

What do you mean by k8s-native? I don’t see anything in buildkit/buildx that does not support running in k8s. I have managed to get a build and push working using the the guide I linked to in my original question.

I currently have a separate k8s cluster where I have one jenkins per project running in its own namespace.

Since buildkit its designed to run as a daemon/service my plan is to deploy one instance per jenkins/namespace and then figure out how much diskspace, mem/cpu it needs to perform ok.

But still looking for recommendations on best practices for using buildkit/buildx and multiple jenkins instances running in k8s.

I have considered kaniko but based on:

I have passed on that for now.