Build logs in backend have binary annotations. console output on frontend looks fine

Hi, The console log in the backend has binary annotations. the console output in frontend looks fine. all the ha:// data i don’t want that. How can i solve it?

The logs are annotated in the file. You can use the UI to get the raw log without annotations, but there is no way to stop the files themselves having the annotations.

is there any way i can save the raw console output to a file after every build? for every type of job. i want the same output as in ui in the backend for filebeat to pick it and logstash to parse it

There is a Logstash plugin: Logstash. Does that do what you want?

yes i’ve tried that. but it doesn’t work with pipeline jobs. i mean i am not getting the entire console output for pipeline job. is there any way to use it with pipelines? i tried using logstash module in pipeline script but that does not send the entire console log

I’ve never used the Logstash plugin myself. Perhaps you need to open an issue for the plugin if you are not able to get it to work with pipelines.

I’ve done that. But that seems like a limitation of the plugin. Is there any way in which i can access raw log for every job every build in the backend. So that filebeat can pick it and send it further?