Bitbucket connection timeout issue

Hi Team,

We are using Jenkins on Kubernetes using the Kubernetes plugin. Whenever, we run the pipelines getting error as “bitbucket connection time out”

But for the next time when we run the build it’s working fine. Issue is happening frequently but not all the time.

Could you please suggest a solution for this issue?

Hi @balakrishnanarchitec and welcome to this community :wave:

Is there a proxy, a firewall, or any other network appliance between your machine and bitbucket?

Thank you for the update.

We are using the GKE cluster and yes, we have firewall in place. But firewall team confirmed that the is allowed.

Sometimes it’s working fine but some time it takes lot’s of time to load.

Please find the MTR results that was captured as per bit bucket team suggested. This result is same if we test on GKE or any other GCP VM.

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Also, I would like to give specific information about this setup.

  1. we have GKE private cluster and these clusters have been IP masquerade. and all the communication flow through GKE node IP address.
  2. for the external connectivity, we have used Nginx as load balancer and it will connect through ingress rule so we can access the Jenkins environment externally.
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the issue with firewall. As part of testing we have routed the traffic without firewall the connection with bitbucket is working as expected.

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Thanks a lot for the feedback.