Automation Script to download zip files using jenkins

Hey everyone,

I have created an automation script using maven which downloads a zip file from internet, now the same automation script I am running using jenkins freestyle project. So in my jenkins job that I have created, I have only one step i.e. Execute Windows Batch Command in which I am going to that location where I have placed my automation script project and running mvn clean test to run the test script. Now the test script is running successfully but I am not sure in which location it is downloading the zip file. If I run the automation script manually not via jenkins jbo it will download the zip file in my C:/User/my_user/Downloads/ but I am not able to find where jenkins is downloading the zip file. Please help me with this issue.
Thank you

change the script so that you can pass a parameter that tells where to put the file or make it save the file to the current directory, i.e. when I’m in c:/jenkins/agent/workspace/myjob and start the script from there then the file should be put in this directory.

Hey Markus
Thanks for the help. I have changed the automation script to download it in custom location.