After updating Jenkins it takes too much time to wake up


I tried to update my Jenkins to 2.452.1 but when I check logs, it loads the Jenkins like in hours %1, %2, %2.3 and it took long times to prepeare my Jenkins. I run Jenkins on Debian12 VM. It has 800GB disk space, 32GB memory and 12CPU cores. I use OpenJdk17. At the end of the day I changed the TimeoutStartSec to 2hours. But it spends lots of time to get up. Do you have any recommendations for solving this issue? I added the errors that I took below.

Job for jenkins.service failed because a timeout was exceeded. See “systemctl status jenkins.service” and “journalctl -xeu jenkins.service” for details. invoke-rc.d: initscript jenkins, action “start” failed.

Have a look at this: How to Troubleshoot and Address Jenkins Startup Performances

Adding -Djenkins.model.Jenkins.logStartupPerformance=true should help you tell where time is spent


Thanks for your answer. Which place do i need to add

-Djenkins.model.Jenkins.logStartupPerformance=true ?

That is a command line argument that needs to be passed to the Java command that starts Jenkins.

If you’re on Linux, that is described in the Managing systemd services page.

If you prefer a video, refer to


I added the -Djenkins.model.Jenkins.logStartupPerformance=true to “systemctl edit jenkins.service” file. Also I restarted my jenkins. Where can i find the exact log about where time is spent? I checked /var/log/jenkins but i can not see any different log file. Could you please help me to find it?

System logs video from Darin Pope

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Thanks for sharing videos, I am new on that kind of tools. I understand some points of it. When we look at my steps, which part do i need to arrange again?
I added Djenkins.model.Jenkins.logStartupPerformance=true line to systemctl edit jenkins.service, and I restarted the system. But I do not know which kind of file i need to see. I looked at logs but i can not find the required one.