Timeout error when starting jenkins after enable during installation of jenkins on oracle linux 8 vm

Hi all,
when I am trying to start the jenkins by ‘systemctl start jenkins’ I am getting timeout error. when I go through detailed logs I found that
s[3642]: NULL_INJECTED_INTO_NON_NULLABLE · google/guice Wiki · GitHub
s[3642]: 1 error
s[3642]: ======================
s[3642]: Full classname legend:
s[3642]: ======================
s[3642]: ItemListenerImpl: “org.jenkinsci.main.modules.sshd.ItemListenerImpl”
s[3642]: ========================
s[3642]: End of classname legend:
s[3642]: ========================

Can anyone please help me with this issue

Thanks & Regards,

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Latest Jenkins only supports OpenJDK 11, 17, and now 21.

You’ll need to upgrade your JVM to resolve the issue if you want latest Jenkins.