Advocacy & Outreach SIG Meeting - July 27, 2023

Attending: Alyssa, Kris Stern, Jean-Marc Meessen, Bruno Verachten

Action items: AT to follow up w/ GSoC contributors to drive blog post after JOM. [completed]


  • GSoC updates:
    • Midterm JOM recap blog post published. Thank you Kris!
      • AT to do a tweet
    • We are now in second half of coding phase
    • JMM will set up 1:1 time with contributors and mentors
    • Set up date for the next JOM - final demo
    • Pending: revisit Mentor checklist in August
    • Upcoming milestone:
      • Aug 28, 2023 Final week: GSoC contributors submit their final work product and their final mentor evaluation (standard coding period)
      • Sep 4, 2023 Mentors submit their final evaluation deadline
      • Sep 5, 2023 Initial results of Google Summer of Code 2023 announced
  • DevOps World Tour 2023:
    • Mark is on the agenda to speak for the US locations:
    • “Business benefits of open source contribution”
    • AT will ask for a discount code for the Jenkins community.
  • July newsletter: Making good progress