acceptGitLabMR in stage after success pipeline


Can’t understand construction for accept gitlab MR, can some one explain this:

           steps {
                input message: "Deploy to production?", ok: "Yes"
                sh "docker stack deploy --compose-file docker-compose.yml --compose-file production.yml service-name"

How I can use in this step acceptGitLabMR for auto approve MR in gitlab after when pipeline in Jenkins finished sh successful?

There’s a link on the side of the pipeline page that is labeled syntax generator. That’ll let you via a GUI fill out all the parameters.

As for the pipeline, don’t you just call acceptGitlabMR(params1: whatever)?


acceptGitLabMR(useMRDescription: true, removeSourceBranch: true)

but not understand where I can put this in some stage inside Jenkinsfile