gitlabMergeRequestId, gitlabMergeRequestIid missing with plugin push from gitlab

We have the gitlab plugin for Jenkins installed. and based on the documentation, I should see specific fields populated as part of the environmnet.
I get some but not all, example of ones I have
${env.gitlabTargetBranch} and ${env.gitlabActionType}"
but do not have
${env.gitlabMergeRequestTitle} , ${env.gitlabMergeRequestId} or ${env.gitlabMergeRequestIid}

So was wondering how I could get these values populated form the push.

Is it a multibranch pipeline? Is the source for that pipeline gitlab not git?

I believe being a newby, it is not a multibranch pipeline.
This is gitlab integration not git… does that make a difference?

In general yes.

Git integration/source just gives you the most basic git behavior, probably the ref and maybe branch name.
SCM Specific ones (ex gitlab) will give you all the advanced features, like access control, or smaller checkouts, or whathaveyou.

Similarly, Pipeline gives you basic pipeline, trigger pipeline, do work, finish work. etc
Multibranch pipeline knows about branching and apis and stuff, and generally can be configured to have one job per branch, and then dedicated jobs for PRs. All automaticlaly based on your main branch’s jenkinsfile.

I don’t know for certain that the merge / pull request info isn’t in a basic pipeline, but should be in a multibranch pipeline (I use github, so not 100% about gitlab).

Thanks. Let me try to configure this as a multibranch and see if that information is there.
more learning to do.