A problem occurred while processing the request (Jenkins) in Freestyle project

I am trying to execute a CI/CD Freestyle project. Everytime i am trying to create a job and trying to save my job it pops up an error. I have gone through a few issues available on the Internet, but none of them have resolved the issue. Can anybody help in this regard? Thanks

**Tomcat 9 Server **
**Java 16.0.1 **
Jenkins 2.361.1

The Jenkins project does not test Java 16. If you’re really running Java 16.0.1, you should switch to run Java, since that is a version the Jenkins project tests.

The Jenkins log includes a detailed stack trace with that logging ID. In order to help you, that stack trace needs to be provided. The detailed list of plugins that you are using may also be needed. See “How to report an issue” for the information that helps others help you.